The Fall and Rise of Christian Standards                        by David Kidd

A gracious, honest and straightforward biblical treatment of a controversial issue 

Biblical answers to common questions   like these.

  • Are dress standards legalistic?
  • What about Christian liberty?
  • Can we be too different to attract others to Christ?
  • Doesn’t the Bible say that God looks at the heart, not outward appearance?
  • Is it wrong to make judgments of others based on dress?
  • How do you define modesty according to the Bible?
  • As long as the message is true, does how the messenger looks or acts matter?
  • What’s wrong with tattoos and body piercing?
  • If God wants me to change how I dress, wouldn’t he convict me about it? 

The Fall and Rise of Christian Standards   is a thoroughly biblical and practical analysis of the dress issue. Here is what some readers have said. 

Dr. Robert Sumner, editor: The Biblical Evangelist, "...fair and honest. What a revival would take place in our churches if they returned to these biblical standards.”  

David Crank, publisher, Unless the Lord magazine  Outstanding book!”

D. Sutphin, VA  “A masterful account of our Christian culture. I have highlighted, underlined and dog-eared it to the point of wear and tear. Please send me five more copies.”

Books on The Path,  “You may disagree with the author’s position, but you will find it hard to base that disagreement on the Bible. Essential reading for every Christian!”

 About the author: David Kidd is a graduate of Bob Jones University and pastor of Bethel Bible Fellowship. He is a  homeschooling father of 6 children and  has been a Christian school teacher, Sunday school teacher, coach, deacon, and youth leader.   If you would like the author to speak at your church, Christian  school, Christian college, conference or camp, you may contact him at